Friday, February 3, 2017

Flying Home

BBQ at Piggy Bank in Hongdae

Tonkatsu and Coin Karaoke Place in Sinchon-Ewha Area

Basin Robbins' Ice cream Wafer Roll and Sulbing's Melon Bingsu

The entire study abroad experience for me was like a dream come true--getting to see Seoul in a new light and experience living like a local there. It was sad for it to finally come to an end. We finished our finals by Thursday and spent Friday hanging out with the new friends that I met there, and finally getting back to the dorm late at night to pack everything away and say goodbye to the place that became my second home half away around the country. The procedure to check out of dorms was relatively simple. Anything that could be left behind for others, we left in the dorm, such as hangers, the shower rug, etc. We cleared our desks and but all the bedding back into the plastic bag we got them in. After cleaning up the dorm and making sure everything was clean. Then you head downstairs to the lobby to let them know that you are ready to have the room inspected. One of the staff will go up with you and make sure nothing is broken in the room and then you are set to leave.

To get to the airport, we decided to take the airport limo (bus.) The bus stop was right by the campus, and cost us roughly 10,000 won or more. They accept both cash and T-money card. One of the hardest parts of a long stay anywhere is definitely the departure. I was amazed to see how much I grew to love staying at Yonsei's campus, and all the wonderful memories that I made, the amazing people that I encountered there. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to forget any of them, whether it was my roommate, the friends that I grew closest with, my classmates, even the strangers I met when all of us were just out and about in the city. There's something about leaving that makes one suddenly so sentimental--as I watched the plane ascend from my seat by the window, I definitely had a tear or two rolling down my cheeks, knowing that this chapter in my life had just come to its end.

So don't limit yourself to where you are now. Go out and explore. Apply for a Gilman Scholarship, and fill out that study abroad application. You won't regret it.
"Adventure is out there." --Up, Disney