Thursday, September 1, 2016

Moving into the Dorms

There are multiple forms of transportation to get to the dorms. The first is to take an airport train from the airport to Hongdae Station and then transfer to Line 2 (Green Line) and get off at Sinchon Station (1 stop--Euljiro 1-ga bound train). Another is to take the Airport Limo (a bus) to the Ewha University area. Finally, you can tell the taxi driver to bring you to the East Gate of Yonsei University, which will most likely drop you off at the back side of the dormitory.

The check-in procedure is surprisingly easier than I expected: you find your name on the list posted on the pillars in the lobby, along with the room number you are assigned to. Then, line up and pick up your room key and an info packet before heading upstairs to your room. The key card is used to enter and exit the dorm and also to get into your actual room. Using the booklet, check the condition of your room and bring the signed paper back downstairs and pick up a bag of bedding. 

**Tip: Try to grab a bag with a normal pillow. Many of the bags have pillows stuffed with strange plastic bits, which can be quite off-putting and uncomfortable if you aren't used to it. 

Each room is equipped with basic furniture--a bed, desk, closet, and chair. Most likely the closet will not have any hangers, but don't worry because there is a one stop store where you can buy all your necessary dorm supplies. Daiso, is the well-known dollar store chain in Korea (also found in Japan) and has hangers, toilet paper, pillows, bath supplies, etc., offered at an affordable price (anywhere from 500 won to possibly 3,000 won).

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