Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pigs Feet (Jokbal)

Jokbal, or pigs' feet, is a popular late night snack in Korea. It is well known for containing a lot of collagen, which is good for the skin. However, it can come off as very greasy. I ordered jokbal takeout from a restaurant in Hongdae called Myth Jokbal that always seemed to have really long wait times. This restaurant can be found by turning in towards the street performance street of Hongdae, by the tourist info center. If you keep walking down on the left side of the street, it is the restaurant with a pig next to the name of the restaurant.

Their jokbal was very filling, I liked how it came with sides to make lettuce wraps, along with a platter of salad. You could tell that it was well made because the pigs skin itself was packed with flavor. The broth it was boiled in for hours was fully incorporated into the layers of the pigs feet. Personally, I prefer a higher meat to fat/collagen ratio, so it was too greasy for me, but making wraps with the lettuce and pickled sliced radish helped cut through the heaviness of the meat.

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