Thursday, September 1, 2016

Raccoon Cafe (Blind Alley Cafe)

The most surprising cafe was definitely the raccoon cafe, located near another women's university. In the States, raccoons are seen more as a wild animal that is not easily domesticated. There is also the probability of it having rabies. So finding out that the cafe owners took in raccoons and made it a business was very surprising. The raccoon in that particular cafe is blind, you can find out more about his story inside the cafe. Like other cafes, the only entrance fee is your order of food/drinks. Once you place your order at the counter, you are free to enter the room with the raccoons. You are cautioned not to bring anything inside with you incase the raccoon damages it, but overall, we didn't have a problem with bringing our phones in to take pictures. You might even get the chance to feel the raccoon! Unlike the dog and cat cafes, the raccoons are less interactive aside from feeding.

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