Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cheonggyecheon Stream/Plaza 청계천 + Gwanghwamun Square 광화문광장

We grabbed a late lunch on our way to the stream--we ordered the spicy galbi jjim, which came with banchan (white kimchi, sauteed mushrooms & zucchini, spinach, and ponytail kimchi--mini radish). For 3 people, the total came up to be 38,000 won with rice. The galbi jjim was good, not too spicy and very filling.

To get to both the stream and the plaza, the easiest way is to get off at City Hall (Sinchon) on the 2 Line. We walked to Gwanghwamun square first where they were statues of King Sejong, and a general from Korean history. Further down is the entrance to one of the palaces. We stopped by to take a few pictures before looping back around to the Cheonggyecheon Stream. There were many insects flying around, especially near the stream, so if you plan on dipping your feet in, choose an area not by the bridge tunnel because that's where most of the insects swarm. Be careful not to accidentally inhale them! The stream itself stretches for quite a while, we chose not to walk to the end. There are many staircases that lead you back upstairs to the main street.

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