Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yoogane DakGalbi 유가네 닭갈비+ Henna Tattos + Luxury Su Karaoke

Yoogane is a well known chain for Dakgalbi (닭갈비), spicy stir fried chicken with vegetables. Each portion starts at 8,000 won for the original and it costs more for additional topping or mix-ins. The chicken is semi-cooked on a large flat skillet, and then the vegetables are added to finish cooking. A tip is to leave some remaining and get fried rice mixed in afterwards to soak up all the remaining flavor and sauce from the chicken.

After dinner, we walked further into Hongdae, where there were street performances and stands for henna tattoos, drawings, jewelry, etc. For the henna tattoos, the price of each design is indicated on the booklet with a certain. For example if there is a number 5 next to the tattoo, it means that it costs 5,000 won for that specific design. They place a stencil where you want the tattoo and paint the henna ink over it before removing the stencil and letting it dry. Mine was 7,000 won and lasted for about a week (around 5 days). However, my friends barely lasted 2 days because the person didn't give it enough time to soak in the ink and didn't apply enough for hers, so it faded really fast.

The main karaoke place that is in every variety show and even drama is Luxury Su Karaoke. You can't miss it in Hongdae because the windows are transparent for any bystander downstairs to observe. The bright pink/lavender hue of the building and flashing disco lights is an immediately attention seeker. This karaoke place costs fairly more than the others (we paid 16,900 won per hour at night). The drinks and snacks are bought separately at the convenience store downstairs. The karaoke machine is harder to use for foreigners, but the basic breakdown of the buttons you need is located on the far right or far left of the keypad.

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