Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Travel Maker (Breakfast in Hongdae) + Trick Eye Museum

Travel Maker is located further up, towards the dark blue line (Line 1). They serve the classic American-style breakfast: pancakes, waffles, french toast, scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, etc. The breakfast sets come with a drink, either coffee or unsweetened ice tea for 12,000 won. I ordered the French Toast set with Iced Tea, but they also had a pancake or waffle option. My friend opted for the Strawberry and Banana Pancakes with Iced Tea as a separate order. The French toast set was good, not overly sweet/salty, but the portion was pretty big for both orders.

We walked back to the Hongdae area after breakfast and decided to visit the Trickeye Museum. If your birthday happens to be when you're here, definitely take advantage of the perks as I did. Admission for the Trick Eye Museum is free on your birthday, and the entrance ticket comes with access to the Trick Eye Museum, the Ice Museum, and the Carnival. Access to the Love Museum is not included in the package. We had a coupon that worked up to 4 people, so the final cost for one person was only 12,000 won. Inside, there are many setups and examples of how to take the photos to make it seem more "realistic." The photo points are constantly changing, so when I went this time, many of the sets were switched out for newer ones. After you get to the end of the Trick Eye section, there is a short mirror maze that you can go through, which leads you to the exit.

Next, we went to the Ice Museum located on the same floor. They will hand you a thin cover up that you simply slip over your head, but trust me when I say it honestly doesn't help with the cold. You really need to dress warmer for this. The last time I came was in the winter, so luckily the winter coats kept us semi-warm. Once you enter, on the right is a staircase leading to an ice slide which is pretty fun! There are foam mats in a box that you have to take and use to ride on. The slide itself is pretty slanted, and was faster than I expected. If you're lucky and it's empty on the day you go, go for a few more turns before walking around the rest of the ice museum! There are various ice sculptures such as igloos, wings, a piano, Christmas-themed sculptures, and even a toilet and bed!

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