Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nam San Tower (Seoul Tower) (N서울타워)

At first, we were going to hike up to the Seoul Tower, but the heat and the amount of steep uphill climbs really got the best of us. Luckily, there was the cable car option. A one-way ticket costs 6,000 won per adult, and the round-trip ticket was 8,500 won. After getting off the cable car, there was a resting spot where you can sit on the steps and walk traditional performances. Some of the performances include a traditional Korean instrument, Korean folk dance (풍물 pungmul) where they dance with a spinning ribbon attached to the hat, and a swords show.

Going up the stairs past the performance area are brightly painted benches and walls covered in love locks. There are several restaurants to dine at. We chose not to go up to the observatory deck, but if you do, there is a ticket box center to purchase the tickets before heading inside to take the elevator up. I've been up to the observatory deck the previous time I visited Korea, and the elevator has an LED screen that plays a short video clip as you ascend up the tower. The observatory deck itself is just walking around the floor in a closed circle to observe the cityscape from above. Definitely try coming at night instead of in the morning to get a nicer view. your pictures most likely won't capture you in them at night, but the view at night is definitely breath-taking.

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